My Yellow Brick road

Somethings I’ve learned and enjoyed over the past few years, creating greater life pleasure for me and my tribe:

The library is now my third place–I don’t subscribe to cable and haven’t watched tv in years, but we love renting movies and books!

I’m gluten -free–wheat wasn’t a part of my forefathers/mothers diet, which is likely why I’m intolerant and it is no longer a part of my diet.

I’m always in motion–I walk my ‘hood where nature rules ok! I do weights/pushups at home. I don’t believe in dieting but hey, to each his/her own:)

I prefer consignment & discount shopping–where possible I avoid buying new. This way I can afford to buy the best quality products (my clothes last forever:) Except when it comes to food:( Organic food is pricey but health is wealth!

I make home cooked meals (from scratch!)-of course I use 5 for fewer ingredients most of the time! And I’ve not purchased sugar in over 10 years. Brown and colorful foods rule okay! And I confess…I’m borderline obsessed with my elimination, which um, keeps me regular.

I listen to the classical and Public radio stations–avoiding those commercial stations promoting consumerism.

I drink lots of green tea–and the odd glass of wine on weekends. Salut!

I floss twice a day–cuz I don’t like gingivites nor cardiac disease.

I’ve become a do-it-your selfer (or I ask a friend who has the skills): I remember asking a friend in London for recommendations on a nail salon–she wanted to know why. When I told her it was to get my nails done–she was like, I’m sorry we do our nails ourselves. I was so embarassed!

My look is simple and low maintenance (pixie hair cut anyone?) but I’m more stylish than ever.

I take my work seriously–because it pays the bills!

I get rid of something old anytime I bring something new in to my home–this makes me thing twice before purchasing more stuff.

I learn from my perfect children–how to play, laugh, look beyond (yes, those scribbles are an airplane) and make friends!