Life-saving Yoga

The past several years I’d attempted yoga in fits and starts; live classes, dvds (and before then, videos). Despite the best of intentions my resolve ebbed and flowed like the tide. Fast forward a few weeks ago, I dug out a copy of Light on Yoga (B.K.S. Iyengar), I’d had for a few years now and finally decided to blow off the dust and start reading, beginning with the Forward and Preface onward. This time, I resolved to better understand what is Yoga (mindfulness) and to learn one pose at a time beginning with Plate 1. Practicing each individual pose until mastery before advancing to the next pose. After 3 weeks, I’m on Plate 7 (a modification of triangle pose), gratified by the increased flexibility in both legs but mainly my left side which originally lagged in flexibility versus the right side (I’ve mild scoliosis). Yesterday I was in a near collision on 495 in Wilmington, Delaware, almost clipped a car in front, who’s driver experienced road rage and attempted to side swipe me in attempt to induce me to collision. My 2000 Chevy Tahoe did a 360 degree turn followed by a 180 degree turn on a 4 lane highway ending up facing on coming traffic. My presence of mind and the All Seeing took control of the steering wheel saving both me and my small daughter sitting in the her car seat from certain death. Neither the helpful bystander and the Emergency Medical Technician could believe no one was hurt (neither car was touched) and the road rage driver made a hasty exit (hopefully with some remorse.) I’m filled with gratitude for the presence of mind. Next week will be Plates 8 and 9–extended lateral angle pose.