Send in the clowns

I spent Valentine’s day with a clown with big feet. You know what they say about men with big feet don’tcha?

It was a spur of the moment thing but what the hey?

The Chick-fil-a location near me offers free kids meals on Tuesdays and they had a clown entertaining the children and making characters out of balloons and giving these creations away for free. Tons of parents and giddy children were there!

The children and I had a blast.

However, the clown did take a much needed break to ask me and my friend whether our husbands were so cheap that they sent us to Chick-fil-A for dinner on V’day. We both admitted that we had none.

Luckily, none of the couples who were having dinner there overheard him.

Because…he was a nice clown.