Waters of March…

It’s Spring around the corner.


My Yellow Brick road

Somethings I’ve learned and enjoyed over the past few years, creating greater life pleasure for me and my tribe:

The library is now my third place–I don’t subscribe to cable and haven’t watched tv in years, but we love renting movies and books!

I’m gluten -free–wheat wasn’t a part of my forefathers/mothers diet, which is likely why I’m intolerant and it is no longer a part of my diet.

I’m always in motion–I walk my ‘hood where nature rules ok! I do weights/pushups at home. I don’t believe in dieting but hey, to each his/her own:)

I prefer consignment & discount shopping–where possible I avoid buying new. This way I can afford to buy the best quality products (my clothes last forever:) Except when it comes to food:( Organic food is pricey but health is wealth!

I make home cooked meals (from scratch!)-of course I use 5 for fewer ingredients most of the time! And I’ve not purchased sugar in over 10 years. Brown and colorful foods rule okay! And I confess…I’m borderline obsessed with my elimination, which um, keeps me regular.

I listen to the classical and Public radio stations–avoiding those commercial stations promoting consumerism.

I drink lots of green tea–and the odd glass of wine on weekends. Salut!

I floss twice a day–cuz I don’t like gingivites nor cardiac disease.

I’ve become a do-it-your selfer (or I ask a friend who has the skills): I remember asking a friend in London for recommendations on a nail salon–she wanted to know why. When I told her it was to get my nails done–she was like, I’m sorry we do our nails ourselves. I was so embarassed!

My look is simple and low maintenance (pixie hair cut anyone?) but I’m more stylish than ever.

I take my work seriously–because it pays the bills!

I get rid of something old anytime I bring something new in to my home–this makes me thing twice before purchasing more stuff.

I learn from my perfect children–how to play, laugh, look beyond (yes, those scribbles are an airplane) and make friends!

Thrilling to Life

It’s true! I thrill to the mundane–something I avoided less than 5 years ago.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to exercise 30 minutes daily. Every night, I do reps with free weights before hopping into bed with my journal (or a good book), and every morning I do pushups, then I take a walk right after I see the children off to school. I’m totally thrilled by the crisp air embracing my skin, and I do not care what kind of weather it is (although it likely helps that I live in MD, where the weather has been relatively mild this year!) Come to think of it–I’m likely surpassing my exercise goals due to joy. Afterwards, I return to work from home, while listening to the classical music radio station.

Yesterday, my daughter was off from school and I couldn’t wait to take her to the newly built Miller library. And I wasn’t the only one thrilled to be there, it was packed! We experienced lots of pleasant interactions, moreso as I held my perfect daughter’s hand as she hopped with equisite joy down each step of a winding staircase.

On the shopping front, I get excited about the organic food store–experiencing new foods and more important new people! Today, I’m planning to make a trip to my favorite consignment shop located in Dupont Circle, to peruse ecclectic casual wear and explore textures and color. On Sundays we participate in free family art classes at the Baltimore Art museum–a unique experience for my children and I, an activity that truly engages all of our senses.

Thrilling to the pleasure created by myriad subtle embraces throughout the day, offering a deeper appreciation of this journey we call life.