Faux real?

Unlike Hollywood’s narrow interpretation of beauty involving inflated or plastic lips and boobies, emaciated appearance, extreme self-denial for the passage of time, and a strong desire for sameness–my observations of women who age beautifully are those who maintain a youthful look and vibe through their:

Irrepressible spirit.
Great energy.
Incredibly relaxed yet good posture.
Good bone structure, clear skin, & healthy hair.
Appropriate weight for their frame.
Positive outlook.

At little or no charge.


You got the look

Plastic (i.e. “cosmetic”) surgery is fully out of the closet, gaining rapid acceptance with the mainstream, particularly the woman (and girl) next door.

As an aesthete I appreciate enhancing what you have to look your personal best. The operative word being “your,” not someone else’s ideal. Too much tinkering particularly on the face and your natural beauty, because everyone IS beautiful AND ugly, is replaced with an artificial version, as impressionable as weak tea. This artificial look has come to gain acceptance in very much the way non-organic, microwave, and fast, food have, that is until you run into the authentic versions. Lines rarely make you look old, but your carriage, attitude and spirit can. Many, though not all, beauty procedures are trends that become outdated in a matter of years. Remember facelifts of yesteryear that made its receipients look older? Surgery, on the other hand is irreversible.