Will work for fugue

Every couple years, I move. In a little over two decades I’ve moved eleven times (DC, MD, MI, WI, IN, GA, MN (twice), IL, NY, and DE . When asked why, I usually give the old standby: “Work!”

The real reason is the seduction of a new beginning, a massive lightening of the spirit, the thrill of new opportunities, and adventures. Can I find these while rooted in one spot? I don’t know.

I think, much like romantic love, when I find the right place for us (two perfect children in tow, now). I/we will know, and then… what?


A lovely day

Yesterday was a trying day–the leasing manager at the new place has been requesting seemingly myriad documents prior to move in. This was after having met every requirement on the new application check list (in my opinion,) including possession of a good credit score, and last year’s W2 demonstrating proof of income.

Her most recent request (sent to my company email address) was for a letter from my manager verifying my place of work and income, or four recent pay stubs. This was after she’d declined, to use my company’s employment and income verification process. It was the last straw, and I found myself mighty tiffed off, with steam coming out of my ears. Somehow my sunny day turned blue, and my first, (second, and third) inclination was to shoot back a sarcastic email in response to her request. But this was one of only two flats in the area feeding into a good elementary school system–something very important to me.

I decided to uncover the real reason why I was upset. I decided it’s because for fifteen years, I’d been a responsible home owner until, the recent recession, when I was laid off, while expecting my second child in the middle of an ugly divorce. Unable to sell my house in a poor housing market, my house went into foreclosure three years ago.

Then I thought about how far I’ve come in the past three years–new job, healthy, happy, perfect children, and a simpler, adventure filled life full of possibilities. Finally, I thought about the outcome I’m seeking to achieve–putting my children in a good school so that they have a good educational foundation.

The clouds broke and a ray of sunlight shone through. I took a deep breath, and sent the leasing manager an email devoid of commentary, with four recent paystubs attached.

I received a single response in return: Thanks.