Too sweet

I recently learned yogurt that’s pre-blended with fruit contains a whopping 27g of sugar per cup! Sugar, as everyone knows, creates myriad problems in the body both medical and aesthetic, including premature aging. All the while I thought I was eating healthy, I really was not.  Somehow this little tidbit flew under the radar–for me, an avid food label reader (with clearly much to learn.) Plain yogurt contains just 12g per cup and I’ve started buying that in the larger containers and blending it myself with whatever frozen or fresh fruit, I have on hand and as needed. The end product tastes so much better–naturally sweet, not to mention fresher. The plain yogurt can also be used for yummy smoothies, which I make when I’m in a rush and need breakfast on the go or a snack. Now when I read food labels, I’m a lot more analytical, also more likely to do a comparison with the “plain” version of the product.