Faux real?

Unlike Hollywood’s narrow interpretation of beauty involving inflated or plastic lips and boobies, emaciated appearance, extreme self-denial for the passage of time, and a strong desire for sameness–my observations of women who age beautifully are those who maintain a youthful look and vibe through their:

Irrepressible spirit.
Great energy.
Incredibly relaxed yet good posture.
Good bone structure, clear skin, & healthy hair.
Appropriate weight for their frame.
Positive outlook.

At little or no charge.


Hip, hip, hooray..!

Today’s my birthday and strangely I feel…chill. You know, like REALLY relaxed.

I did the same things that I do most days-yes, even worked! And I parented or more accurately mothered my perfect children.

My 5 year old chirped “Happy Birthday Mom!” as soon as she laid eyes on me this morning and gave me a makeshift present–assembled from various loose ends from her toy box. Her 3 year old brother gazed at me with large liquid brown eyes, gave me the warmest, tightest hug and said “Mommy I have nothing to give you.”

I’m blessed.

In the past year, I’ve become more confident of my abilities, more focused, more efficient (both in movement and words), more accepting, and more open. And boy have I read a lot of books!

To other kindred spririts sharing a December birthday, I wish you many happy returns of the day, long life and prosperity.

You’ve come a long way, baby…

This was the best christmas ever. Spent in the loving embrace of family and friends. The current economic situation has brought its blessing by taking more of the focus away from conspicuous consumption and put more focus on experiences: warmth, laughter, love, touch, conversation, and good home cooking from scratch!

I watched my perfect children in bloom under all the attention from the people who (it seems only yesterday) were their age.

This year, with my mother getting older, I took over the bulk of the Christmas cooking, at her home. It involved a lot of hard work that in previous years, I’d taken for granted. Both she and my father-in-law were relieved.

At the end of the evening, by unanimous decision I was asked to host next year’s Christmas.

I may be ageless, but I’ve finally grown up.

So stock up!

I absolutely LOVE travelling–particularly taking the open road here in the US. Observing scenic beauty as I did today driving along the highway towards Winchester, MD from Ellicott City, or the mountains of Georgia (ala Deliverance) as I’ve done in the past. Even driving albeit stealthily through snowstorms in Buffalo, NY; Chicago or Minneapolis/St Paul is a unique treat.

What can I tell ya, if you have to choose between a high paying desk job and a lower paying job that allows you to engage in nature and meet diverse people–it’s a no brainer y’all.

Or course if you can achieve both–even better.

After all, when you get old–you’ll have to rely on your memories for entertainment!