I think therefore I am…

The last 8 years career-wise has been rocky–mainly because I was working to live and not living to work. I was working jobs that I was GOOD at but were not fulfilling and not consistent with my primary core value which is FREEDOM (financial freedom, location independent work, you get the picture). I had become a Wage Slave and worse…somewhere along the way I had lost my passion for work.

In thinking about what I wanted to do the next 10 years and beyond, I decided to conduct a personal audit to see what activities I really enjoyed doing at work and what activities people had most often sought my guidance on. I discovered I really enjoyed working with my work colleagues and clients, coaching and inspiring them and serving as a resource to help them solve complex problems. In fact, at every company in which I’d worked I’d been sought out by higher ranked colleagues for help coaching them through specific situations. Also I had become accustomed to family and friends doing the same, I mused. Coaching, though unpaid work at the time was fun..!

As I shared my findings with a friend, I expressed dismay that I would not be able to take advantage of my passion because I lacked the experience, the training and the certification necessary for me to transition into the field Training and Development. My work experience up to that time had been limited to Sales and Marketing roles. Honestly, I was INTIMIDATED when faced with the idea of change, in hindsight it was because of a lack of confidence and a lack of knowledge of the steps I needed to take in order to make the change.

My friend then innocently asked me why I needed training and a certification to transition into Training when I was already being approached (albeit informally) to do the work. I feebly attempted to make excuses that THIS situation was different but really I had no legitimate defense. November of 2016, My friend (now Accountability Partner) challenged me to tell anyone and everyone who would listen that I was a Corporate Trainer and to see what would happen.

Within 3 weeks of taking up the challenge, I was signed on as a contractor with a company to deliver training seminars to mid to large-sized companies.

January 2017, I delivered my first training seminar to a group of construction workers a few of whom were none too pleased about being asked to take the mandatory training. I was nervous to say the least. I was also very prepared. My passion for training showed through to participants and they warmed to me and softened. They listened and asked questions and finally my first paid training seminar was over. In the training evaluations, I was rated very high in my training effectiveness, delivery and content. Since then I have been given more training gigs now with primarily Fortune 500 companies and large government accounts.

What I found from this experience is when I changed my thoughts, and stated my intention, my desire manifested into reality. You can too.

Now that I’ve gotten my start, I’m thinking of a higher purpose in which I can use my passion to serve others. With 60,000 single parent (primarily mothers) households alone, in the county in which I live,  I want to teach single mothers how to lead exceptional  fearless lives with their children, as I am learning to do.

Going forward I’ll be sharing my experiences and learnings as a single parents with the hope that you get some benefit to help you in your life’s journey. I invite you to join me–let’s take this journey together.

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Questions: What changes are you avoiding making in your life and why? What steps could you take TODAY to move closer to your dream? Please share your experiences in the comment section below.



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