LEGO and learn

On Friday, Grandma offered my perfect children a treat–any toy they wanted from Toys R Us. As I took them there, I knew their selections would be modest and appropriate, but I also understood that choosing one item per child from myriad options would be challenging.

My 3 year old son was easy–the male gene kicked in and he picked a truck within the first 5 minutes and could not be persuaded otherwise.

In contrast, My 5 year old daughter spent 10 minutes circling the store and half an hour in the Barbie aisle. I encouraged her to expand her options and to my surprise she headed to the LEGO aisle. Moreover, I was surprised (although she was not) to learn that LEGO makes projects specifically targeting girls. My daughter picked one (building an ice-cream shop) and not only has it given us endless bonding pleasure, but it’s also given me the opportunity to teach math concepts in a fun way. As you know, math is something girls lose confidence in relatively early on.

For example, how to follow instructions from a manual, paying attention to detail, comparing and describing objects and their relative positions, and exercising good judgement.

Now this is a toy that I can believe in.

LEGO Girls rule ok!


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