Baby steps

It is amazing how your goals manifest through the power of intention and mindfulness.

I’ve been diligent with my New Year’s resolutions key which is walking 30 minutes daily. It’s a two-fer because the walk doubles as meditation (meeting the 30 minutes of mediation resolution.)

Excercise is improving my overall fitness level and I just got a new hair cut to complement my new svelte look–and because I really like the way that I look, I’m more mindful about what I put into my body.

I’m also more relaxed and open, and probably appear more approachable and I’ve noticed more people are seeking me out smilingly to chat. Also because my mindset is more serene, I now see problems as situations and the occasional bump as part of the road.

I’ve lots more energy and greater focus on the job, and yesterday my manager called me excitedly to tell me that I was over 104% to my sales plan. A good thing for my bank account. This accomplishment helps me achieve my other resolution–for income to be greater than my expenses on a weekly basis.

And it all started with a walk through the neighborhood…


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