My four legged friend

The chairs in my home are multiplying. The last 2 years we hardly had any furniture. Yes, we had our beds and a children’s table and chairs, but that’s it. Along the way, we acquired a patio set (so that we could eat together when the weather was good) and later a sofa and club chair. Why? Because we’d left behind a home stuffed with furniture, compromised decor, accumulated unopened boxes, and memories I wouldn’t accuse of being all that great. You could say I’d become furniture shy resulting in an extremely uncomfortable home in DE. No wonder my perfect children never wanted to go home.

Now we live in lovely new digs in a lovely new city in MD. And as I look around, we also have a lovely dining room set and our sofa set has a coffee table to inspire great conversation. Today, I went to Staples to test ergonomic home office chairs, because a standard room chair simply won’t suffice for the kind of hours I work in front of a computer. Which means that standard room chair will be joining the other standard room chair in my bedroom.

And when I’m in my room, subliminally I’ll start thinking in terms of two instead of one.



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