All I have to do is dream…

Today I went to my (tiny) apartment storage and retrieved a few items–one of which was a dream folder. It contains pages I’ve torn out of myriad mags and newpapers of my dream decor. Looking at this folder again almost 10 years after its inception and its having survived relocations across the country from 3 houses, 1 townhouse, and 1 condo) I’m amazed at its relevance today. When I had money, I’d spent much of it trying to achieve a look that now as I look around me, manifested organically–and more importantly I have the feel I’d been trying to hard to achieve. Beyond my home, I now live in a community in which as a global citizen I feel truly comfortable, one resembling the United Nations–that is to say a microcosm of the world.

It got me thinking about the subliminal messages we send out to the universe when we truly want something and how when we are truly ready, it comes to us effortlessly.

Years ago, (before even thinking about marriage and children), I was ascending the escalator into a department store when I spied at the very tippy top a little girl about five years old with beautiful thick curly hair pouffed out around her face. Mom and Dad were holding her hand on either side. I stared openly and uttered a silent prayer to God asking him to please give me a little girl that looked exactly like her. That little girl (likely now a young woman) came back to me in the form of my perfect daughter now 5 years old.

I’d always wanted a boy and a girl and I received this blessing also. By the way, I had to be monitored continuously when I was carrying my son–in this case I simply asked for a healthy child (I didn’t know his gender.) From the day he was born, this little boy with huge eyes, long lashes, and beautiful smile who’s movements were barely detectable in the womb, brings nothing but joy to me, his sister, and others.

And after 10 years of living across the country from my family, and trying unsuccessfully to move closer, I was laid off three years ago–which ended up being a blessing in disguise as I now live no more than half an hour’s drive from family with a more flexible work schedule.

Relationship-wise, after years of limited interaction with other emales–I now enjoy the companionship of the sisterhood. Who knew..?

Still more dreaming to do.


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