Life is like a box of chocolates

I enjoy revisiting childhood through my perfect children. Today outside the libary they sat (in their pajamas) eating cupcakes made by Girl Scouts, then amused everyone by making a huge pile of fall leaves and jumping into it, then tossing the leaves high in the air. This image of them is seared in my mind.

Later we left the libary with our favorite children’s movie “Charlie and Lola.” Even the cartoon score tears me up, not to mention the children’s laughter and chatter–something about it takes me back to a time of pure innocence.

No other children’s cartoon even comes close.

Earlier in the day we’d gone to examine a dining set that I wanted to purchase off Craigslist. I’m a big fan of buying used, not simply because I have champagne tastes on a beer budget, but because like today I get to learn the history of the item I’m purchasing. We took a long winding road, through the hills to a huge home and met a nice family. My children played with toys while I looked at the set which was amazing and an awesome deal–but the drive through the winding roads and woods and the hospitality that we experienced was even more amazing.

By the way, did I mention later we whizzed through Marshalls’s in our shopping cart–okay BOTH children were in the cart and I was navigating, but I couldn’t resist giving the cart a running start then jumping onto the back with both feet for a carefree ride myself.


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