Law of attraction

I ended up NOT moving to the flat I’d earlier researched, submitted an application, and reservation fee for, not to mention visited the local school and daycare. In the end I trusted my instincts–the leasing agent hadn’t been the easiest person to work with and I couldn’t shrug off the ‘transient’ reference made by the school administrator. It meant right from the start my perfect daughter would be viewed as ‘other’ by the school–something I wanted to avoid. More details in earlier blogs.

We went with Plan B, an inspired choice and now live in an awesome neighborhood–a community of residents all interested in sending their children to great schools and viewing each other as neighbors. Our second day there, the neighborhood children took my daugther trick or treating. My son and I went separately and introduced ourselves to the neighbors. We all had a blast.

The school bus takes roughly 65 children to the elementary school (no stops) and the children are motivated and excited to hop on daily–some with violin cases in tow. My daughter, an extrovert is thrilled and my son (who used to be reluctant to attend daycare) looks forward to seeing his new buddies each day and I have an opportunity to pack him a lunch so he’s eating meals I approve of and prepare at home!

Yes, this utopia is more expensive than I’d budgeted for–and I still took the leap because I now believe in the law of attraction.

And a strange thing happened, the day after we moved in, I received a direct deposit in the mail for child support–something we’d not recieved in close to 3 years. And yesterday a distraught call from the leasing agent from the other flat–wanting to know when we were gonna move in. How about like never? Afterall, the beauty of living in America is your right to excercise options! Okay so I was nice about it. After hearing me out, there was an embarassed silence. Then more silence.

Finally, an olive branch–she unexpectedly offered to return my reservation fee.


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