My grandfather’s clock

My daughter is 5 years old and already she understands ebb and flow is a natural part of life–Grandma won’t be here forever, neither will Mommy, nor will she. Despite her tender age, I encourage her to make the best use of what she has right now, especially relationships! This is not complicated, it’s very much like chatting about how a plant comes into the world as a seed, blooms, and eventually withers.

I don’t want her to fear situations beyond her control, especially since we are all destined to accept the inevitable. Recently, I watched the 2006 PBS documentary “A Lion in the House” about children living with cancer and the impact heroic measures taken by their parents had on the short lives of these children. I can’t say what I’d do in that situation but the visuals remain. 

Do you discuss impermanence or even the D word (dying, death) with your children, if so how, and why?


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