My secret shame

Most of the time I feel like “the not good enough mother.” 

I feel I should be spending more time with my children, speaking in dulcet tones, possessing much more useful hands, and a more accomodating brain.  Always, I want to ask them albeit apologetically, would you prefer another (better) mother? But I don’t.  My children on the other hand, both 3 and 5 years of age, perceptive as they are, may sense my insecurities. Daily, they tell me they love me, I’m the best mom ever, and when they grow up, they will take care of me. I try to do better, but how can I match up to these children who are so perfect and endlessly forgiving? They deserve the best of the best of the best…


4 thoughts on “My secret shame

  1. Thanks for your post. There at times when all of us, as parents, feel inadaquate. I know it’s not an answer, but I’ve looked at the parents in scripture. There aren’t many who were ‘good parents’ by todays standards. They were faithless, idol worshippers, murderers, coniving and sometimes absent. But they trusted God with their kids and some pretty amazing spiritual leaders came from those parents. Just keep loving Jesus, loving your kids and don’t be afraid to admit your weaknesses. God Bless!

  2. I bet there are more parents who feel this way then not. And the truth to me is we are all inadequate in some way or another. But Children are resilient and forgiving and so fiercely loving. And what is a perfectly adequate parent anyways? By the sheer volume of self help parenting books out there, the best way to raise a child is fairly subjective. Love them, accept them, listen to them. Everything else will work itself out. Being aware of our shortcomings and accepting them will make us better parents just by the fact we strive to do better. That in itself is a wonderful example for your children don’t you think?
    When they say you are the best Mommy in the whole wide world…it’s because to them, and for them, you are.

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