The Simpler Life

3 years ago I was laid off. It was a job I enjoyed with a company of which I was very proud, and at the time, gave me my identity. I made good money such that when I decided to move back to the Northeast post-layoff, I discovered unopened boxes from earlier work relocations, also multiples of random items (why would a single person need 5 bicycle seat covers?) What changed? I could blame it on my needy partner, compounded with the challenges of having a second child. But it doesn’t really matter. Spending time with my children became more important than working late; travelling across (or out of) the country to give presentations less glamorous. And those frequent early morning meetings conflicting with daycare drop-off? Quite the pain. When I left town with my children, I left everything behind, including, the needy partner, years of accumulation, and the house. Some might even say I lost everything. I say: My children and I are living a much simpler life focusing on the things that really matter to us: family and friends, good health, nature, and spirituality. And, oh yeah I now work from home…


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