Solitude and Parenthood

Being a mother offers rewards, daily, on many levels. One sacrifice I’ve had to make however, is solitude. I’m now realizing what a truly guilty pleasure it was, those days before children, to browse antique shops, museums, farmers markets, and coffee shops–alone. Although I wouldn’t turn back the clock, now, I rarely have time alone. Instead I work at being fully present with my children during play, homework, meals, etc. But think about it, isn’t solitude simply our attempt at being fully present?


2 thoughts on “Solitude and Parenthood

  1. I so feel you on this one! One of the biggest things I miss about my life PC (pre-children) is that alone time. To do anything…read a book, shop, watch tv….those lazy sunday afternoons where I would bake and watch silly made for tv movies! Oh how i miss those afternoons.
    I wouldn’t trade my life now for anything. I love my chidren more than anything but man how I miss my solitude…sometimes!

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